You can read FAQ from customers from here.


Q. How old do I have to be to purchase alcohol drinks?
A. The minimum legal age to purchase alcohol is 20 years old.
Q. Are preservatives and artificial coloring used in the food?
A. None of our cooked meals, Bento lunch boxes or sushi contain preservatives or artificial coloring.
Q. Do you sell genetically-modified foods?
A. We do not sell genetically-modified foods except for some items the Japanese government has permitted importing such as cooking oil.
Q. I am concerned about residual agricultural chemicals of vegetables.
A. Residual pesticides of all the fruits and vegetables at our stores are below legal limits.
Q. I am concerned about environmental hormones.
A. We have banned the use of polycarbonate food trays and containers which are said to release environmental hormones. We have also stopped selling polycarbonate teething rings and pacifiers.



Q. Do you hem up clothes?
A. We hem up ladies', men's and kids' pants, jeans and slacks you purchased at our store. For details, please ask our floor staff.
Q. Can I exchange items I purchased with another color or size?
A. You can exchange what you bought with another color or size provided that it is still unused. Please bring the item, receipt and your passport to the store you purchased the item. We do not accept sanitary items like bed sheets and underwear or what has been purchased a long time ago.



Q. Where do you do gift wrapping?
A. We provide free gift wrapping service for items you purchased at the service counter. We also have a paid wrapping service.
Q. I left something in the store.
A. If our staff finds what you lost or left in the store, it will be kept in the store for a certain period of time. Please contact the store you visited.
Q. Is it OK to shop around the store while eating what I bought?
A. Those who are eating in the store will be asked not to do so out of consideration for other shoppers as well as for hygiene reasons. Please refrain from eating or drinking while shopping at Ito Yokado.
Q. Are plastic shopping bags provided free of charge?
A. We charge two Yen for each plastic shopping bag.