A variety of services are available at Ito Yokado store.

Floor layout

Ito Yokado has stores near airports and tourist spots, offering a wide range of items from daily goods to groceries. Here is the floor map of Ito Yokado Narita for your reference.


Clothes for kids, Underwear, Stationery, Toy, Bedding, Kitchen items
Bath and toilet items, Kids space, Baby room


Clothes for ladies and men, Small articles, ATM


Cosmetics, Drugs, Soaps, detergents, Grocery, Fresh food, Frozen food,
Confectionaries, Seasonings, Alcohol, Bento lunch box, cooked meals,
Food Court

Credit cards

The following credit cards are accepted in Ito Yokado including the China Union Pay card.

Cards accepted by Ito Yokado

credit card ito-yokado

ATM that also accepts non-Japanese bank cards: Seven Bank

Ito Yokado has ATMs that accept non-Japanese bank cards. If your bank card or credit card has the following logo, you can withdraw Japanese Yen directly from the ATM.

Language options of Seven Bank ATM

Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German, Portuguese

Cards accepted by Seven Bank ATM

seven bank

Free Wi-Fi: Seven Spot

Free Wi-Fi access is available inside Ito Yokado stores.

By registering yourself as a member (by providing your e-mail address, gender, birthday and password), you can access free Wi-Fi at various Seven & I Group spots including Seven Eleven, AKACHAN HONPO and Denney's.

Free Wi-Fi access across Seven & I Group spots Membership registration

Barrier-free store

Our stores have various facilities so that every customer including elderly and handicapped customers, expecting mothers and small children can enjoy shopping.

Multi-purpose toilet

Spacious independent toilet compartment. The toilet also has a crib.

Spacious fitting room

A spacious fitting room with twice the size of an ordinary fitting room is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or a baby stroller. *Some stores do not have these facilities.

A baby room for the comfort of customers with babies.

Ito Yokado has space especially for infants and children.

Baby room

For customers with small children, the stores have a breast feeding room, diaper change tables, a height-measuring gauge, weight scale and hot water for baby formula.