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Safety Measures

Ito-Yokado's Safety Measures

February 25, 2021

In order to create a safe and secure shopping environment for local customers, Ito-Yokado will continuously take the following measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19....

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Underwear and Towels

May 7, 2020

Seven Premium's "Organic Cotton" underwear is a line of products making use of all organic Indian cotton cultivated on soils that have been free of....


Introduction to "BODY COOLER®", a series of environmentally friendly and comfortable products of the SEVEN PREMIUM Lifestyle brand

April 28, 2020

With the approach of warmer weather, many people may....

Ito-Yokado Kiba

Hunt for treasure at the Ito-Yokado Kiba Branch, a great out-of-the-way place in Tokyo where you can find everything you want!

March 25, 2020

The Kiba Branch of Ito-Yokado is a well-kept-secret spot just....

Ito-Yokado's 「顔が見える食品。」Fresh Foods with Traceability

Ito-Yokado's 「顔が見える食品。」"Fresh Foods with Traceability"

March 10, 2020

「顔が見える食品。」"Fresh Foods with Traceability" is Ito-Yokado's original food brand that provides delicious food along with....

Your kids have fun while you shop in Ito-Yokado

Your kids have fun while you shop in Ito-Yokado

January 31, 2020

When you take your children to the supermarket, carrying a bag full of childcare products is a headache. At Ito-Yokado, our dedicated childcare section....

Ito Yokado Osaka Abeno

Ito Yokado Osaka Abeno is a food-shopping paradise!

October 31, 2019

Ito Yokado Osaka Abeno is conveniently connected directly to the front of Tennoji Station, which is the third-largest terminal station area in Osaka....

Grand Tree Musashikosugi

Grand Tree Musashikosugi—Fun for Kids!

August 23, 2019

Operated by Seven & I Holdings and featuring 160 tenants, GRAND TREE MUSASHIKOSUGI is the region's largest new shopping center....


GRAND TREE MUSASHIKOSUGI "Children's Floor" 4th floor goodday park

February 20, 2019

The shops on the Ito-Yokado GRAND TREE MUSASHIKOSUGI children's floor have attractions...


A not-so-secret rooftop garden for the entire family to enjoy

December 20, 2018

At first glance, the verdant garden pictured above may look like a scenic countryside park. However, this ...